in-flight film: The Rum Diary (2011)

The Rum Diary is an adaptation of Hunter S Thompson’s vaguely autobiographical novel about his time served at the San Juan Star. As far as Johnny Depp and co. are concerned, the film is about many stories (romance, buddy movie, corporate intrigue), all of them revolving around expats versus locals in 1960s Puerto Rico. But regardless of what you think of the plot, the movie is a gorgeous peek at the east side of the island of Puerto Rico.

Amber Heard / Chenault

"I thought maybe you were a mermaid."| "I'm from Connecticut." All images via

Rum Diary

TRD lets you bask in the clean mod architecture of the wealthy coastline, dart through the lush jungles aboard a round of questionable vehicles, and watch staticky TV via your neighbor’s apartment across the alley in el Viejo San Juan. Plus there’s a bedazzled turtle. I mean, not that this is meant as a tourism PR piece (pretty clearly stated as such in a couple of the plot’s strands), but considering the real deal is just a couple hours’ from the East coast, it’s worth a trip. See for yourself. And on the flight there, watch this. (But do not try to best that record of 161 nips.)

there are nightswhen I want to be in San Francisco and New York and Rio and Madrid at the same time, and it seems unjust that I can’t. If I had my way I’d be in love all the time all over the world with a rifle in one hand and a typewriter in the other and a bellyful of good whiskey. This limited existence is a shitty deal.”

-Hunter S. Thompson