fellow travelers: Anywhere But London

fellow travelers is our chance to shine a spotlight on greatness from the internet’s travel community. It is not our list of poputchiks. Just some wanderers who we consider outstanding.

Not a black cab in sight: Wheal Coates, Towanroath. image via

anywhere but london is your official British contrarian correspondent: taking the showcase of the 2012 London Olympics and turning it into an excuse to promote (a) fab non-London spots in the UK and (b) gorgeous imagery thereof.

What better way to show some patriotism than to direct people past the usual Big Ben circuit and instead toward Cambridgeshire and Cumbria? As you can see, their official spokesmodel is quite persuasive, and elegantly attired as well.

Can't argue with that hat. image via abl.

Keep up with ABL as they count down 150 days to opening ceremonies by highlighting a different spot in the Isles. You can drunkenly harass the Tower guards later — for now, go get lost in the Chiltern Forests.