Book Club: the Atlas of Remote Islands

Simply beautiful book. all images via

I try not to buy books anymore (my library’s size makes moving tricky!) but this is less of a book and more of an art object, a dream piece. The Atlas of Remote Islands is subtitled “Fifty islands I have never set foot on, and never will” — and author Judith Schalansky has compiled verbal snapshots of the farthest-flung places on the planet, that most likely none of us will ever see with our own eyes.

If you are a bookmaker’s nerd, this one is perfectly executed: cool blues and greens of the map with a shocking orange accent. Immaculate typography. It’s fitting that all islands are rendered in cartographic illustration — there’s no photography to distract from the images conjured by your own imagination as you read these stories. Mother’s Day is coming up: give your mom the gift of the most exotic travel one can buy (and house on a bookshelf). You can buy it here.