Wise Wandering: Learnvest’s Travel Tips

Learnvest’s travel archive is a worth a peek before your next trip. image via

Most of you know Learnvest as a clearinghouse for financial info, coaching and advice — but they also have tips you can take on the road. This roundup includes your run-of-the-mill cheap travel advice (opt for hostels instead of hotels, take public transport) and also goes a bit deeper, to less well-known ways to save (housesitting and repositioning cruises). Find more travel tips at learnvest.com.

fellow travelers: A Cup of Jo.

fellow travelers is our chance to shine a spotlight on greatness from the internet’s travel community. It is not our list of poputchiks. Just some wanderers who we consider outstanding.

From Austin to Amsterdam, ACoJ has got you covered. all images via

If you’re a longtime reader of the sweet lifestyle-y musings of A Cup of Jo, you might’ve noticed a trend toward travel tips as of late. She’s covering anything and everything — from travelling with your young one to simply packing your bag, to a helpful secret when you might be feeling a little jetlagged. She’s even got a guide to her home base, NYC. You’ll find her advice is always simple and straightforward and maybe secretly inspirational. Don’t you want to hit the road already? Just look at that bike…

fellow travelers: A Montrealer Abroad.

fellow travelers is our chance to shine a spotlight on greatness from the internet’s travel community. It is not our list of poputchiks. Just some wanderers who we consider outstanding.

La Belle Montreal from AMA’s fab citywalk. all images via

Home and away: you can love both, yknow. A Montrealer Abroad is a perfect example — Marie details her travels and her hometown in easy, conversational pieces accompanied by her gorgeous photography. Like any good traveler, she knows that where you’ve been is only trumped by where you’re going next, so she features her future plans as well as a roundup of her globetrotting thus far. In between, she gives you guides to cities in Canada, Europe and the US: where to go, what to see, and of course, images to dream about.

Seriously, dream. AMA in Brighton, UK.

She even covers cute-animal-photos, like this Catalonian canine.

Her guides for those looking to relocate include real tips like how to budget, find a flat, and use crime maps to understand the lay of the land. And let’s not forget the namesake, the city that started it all: the ins and outs of Montreal from her local perspective are invaluable to those dropping into town for just a short while. So follow her wandering already… weren’t you convinced like 100 words ago?

DayTrip: Old San Juan, PR

DayTrip gives you a quick taste of a town you don’t know. 


Peeking out at the garitas of the city wall on Paseo del Morro.

EATsome mofongo at Cafe el Punto [105 Fortaleza St.], toward the end of a small walk between the blocks. A couple minutes out of the sun and you’ll feel refreshed (or maybe that’s the Medalla talking). Pay your respects to the former La Bombanera [259 Calle de San Francisco, RIP] and grab your morning dough down the block at Cafeteria Mallorca [259 Calle de San Francisco] instead. Not as historical as la B, but just as delicioso. At night, push back those pina coladas and get to El Batey [Calle Cristo 99], infamous cavernous dive bar with an incredible jukebox: songs are a quarter each. 

SLEEPsomewhere historical (but a little spartan) like el Convento [100 Calle Cristo] or get all retro-luxe at el Caribe Hilton [los Rosales St] … or for something totally different, stay at Da House [312 Calle de San Francisco],the artsy B&B above the Nuyorican Cafe.

Flying kites on the lawn of el Morro.

GOget some sun: you’re far from the beaches but you can still work on your tan (and your piragua consumption) checking out the colorful paint jobs on the homes along Bulevar del Valle, or strolling the Paseo de la Principesa. Absorb some cultura at the historical site of El Morro [Calle del Morro]. Or get your daytrip-within-a-daytrip on out of town in el Yunque, Vieques or Culebra.

Can you top this day trip? Tell us what we missed!

Worth Reading: When Cruises Attack

"Life is a shipwreck, but we must not forget to sing in the lifeboats" - Voltaire. Certainly cheerier than the passengers of the CC, above. Image via

Who knows if it’s Titanic anniversary fever or what… but I’ve been tearing through some modern terror-at-sea stories lately. There’s this Vanity Fair piece about the most recent cruise disaster. This classic W. Langewiesche story delves into the last horrifying minutes aboard a Baltic Sea ferry. And a Jon Ronson article reveals that not even Disney cheer can save one from getting lost in the big drink.

there are nightswhen I want to be in San Francisco and New York and Rio and Madrid at the same time, and it seems unjust that I can’t. If I had my way I’d be in love all the time all over the world with a rifle in one hand and a typewriter in the other and a bellyful of good whiskey. This limited existence is a shitty deal.”

-Hunter S. Thompson 

RoadReads: “Henry Rollins: Punk Rock World Traveler”

HR talks travel aboard punk rock camel. Image via

“I beg young people to travel. If you don’t have a passport, get one. Take a summer, get a backpack and go to Delhi, go to Saigon, go to Bangkok, go to Kenya. Have your mind blown. Eat interesting food. Dig some interesting people. Have an adventure. Be careful. Come back and you’re going to see your country differently, you’re going to see your president differently, no matter who it is.”

Oh boy does Henry Rollins has some words for you — and Jim Benning caught them for WorldHum (read it here).