fellow travelers: A Cup of Jo.

fellow travelers is our chance to shine a spotlight on greatness from the internet’s travel community. It is not our list of poputchiks. Just some wanderers who we consider outstanding.

From Austin to Amsterdam, ACoJ has got you covered. all images via

If you’re a longtime reader of the sweet lifestyle-y musings of A Cup of Jo, you might’ve noticed a trend toward travel tips as of late. She’s covering anything and everything — from travelling with your young one to simply packing your bag, to a helpful secret when you might be feeling a little jetlagged. She’s even got a guide to her home base, NYC. You’ll find her advice is always simple and straightforward and maybe secretly inspirational. Don’t you want to hit the road already? Just look at that bike…

Louis Vuitton’s The Art of Packing

If you’re in a luxurious frame of mind today, perhaps you’d enjoy a mediative packing of your virtual fine leather suitcase. Louis Vuitton has cordially extended to you a lesson in keeping your fineries fine upon arrival, with step-by-step interactive guides and a jaunty little soundtrack too. Click-and-drag folding has never felt so sumptuous.

Words for the Road: Wellington, NZ.

Words for the Road are dispatches from our Editor-at-Large — an image from her travels paired with a relevant musing in haiku.

This one’s a meta missive from Wellington, New Zealand.

Do you know, my bird
Your legacy here on Earth?
You are immortal

Post-BBQ link roundup.

Bad trip: hapless turistas in Chernobyl Diaries. image via

Oh hey let’s all backpack through a site of human catastrophe for our romantical (??) honeymoon/proposal/family reunion, what could go wrong? (Everything.)

If you are in a less disastrous frame of mind, you could white water raft through London, in the first Olympic venue open to mere mortals after the Games.

Or maybe you’re as obsessed with Lisbon as Frank Bruni was this weekend.

Maybe you’d rather wander where so, so many have wandered before?

I guess you could just obtain a collection of beautiful items to bring with you, wherever you’re going.

Covetable travel items from the always-on-point designsponge. image via

This Was New York: NYC Municipal Archives.

Manhattan Bridge, sans bridge. all images via

We’re a little late to the NYC Municipal Archives online access party, but let’s take a moment to highlight this everchanging city. The Atlantic has a good roundup of the variety of subjects held by the Archives (in case you are stuck waiting for their traffic to slow a little) — a peek at pastoral Queens, city nightscapes circa 1930, Weegee-style crime scene photos, and your run-of-the-mill street scenes. These and so so many more to geek out over at the Archives’ online hub. Because sometimes travel should involve some time travel, too.

LaGuardia getting all Office Space on some slot machines aboard a police boat in 1934.

Harlem, 1932.

Find any good ones? Post them below!

Weekend warrior: Organized Wonder.

A little break from our regularly scheduled programming to do some virtual travel: Organized Wonder is a way to gather together inspiring footage from around the web… a little like Pinterest for videos. FB+L has started its own collection of Wonder and we cordially invite you to check it out: so far we have a BMX star in Japan, base jumpers off the Burj, and a little roaming through Chile and Argentina at the top of this post. Get your Friday started with inspiration and do some wandering mañana. So what are you doing this weekend?

fellow travelers: A Montrealer Abroad.

fellow travelers is our chance to shine a spotlight on greatness from the internet’s travel community. It is not our list of poputchiks. Just some wanderers who we consider outstanding.

La Belle Montreal from AMA’s fab citywalk. all images via

Home and away: you can love both, yknow. A Montrealer Abroad is a perfect example — Marie details her travels and her hometown in easy, conversational pieces accompanied by her gorgeous photography. Like any good traveler, she knows that where you’ve been is only trumped by where you’re going next, so she features her future plans as well as a roundup of her globetrotting thus far. In between, she gives you guides to cities in Canada, Europe and the US: where to go, what to see, and of course, images to dream about.

Seriously, dream. AMA in Brighton, UK.

She even covers cute-animal-photos, like this Catalonian canine.

Her guides for those looking to relocate include real tips like how to budget, find a flat, and use crime maps to understand the lay of the land. And let’s not forget the namesake, the city that started it all: the ins and outs of Montreal from her local perspective are invaluable to those dropping into town for just a short while. So follow her wandering already… weren’t you convinced like 100 words ago?