Hop a plane, it’s the New York Times’ 46 Places to Go in 2013

Rio as ring of fire, via

Rio as ring of fire. via

It’s an east-coast jetsetter’s favorite time of year — when the Grey Lady releases her randomly-numbered roundup of trending places to travel. This year, the NYTimes has given you 46 places to check out in the next twelve months, which should more than fill your calendar. And your beat-the-crowds journey would take to you to such varied locales as Jackson Hole, Singapore and the Falkland Islands. Unexpected mentions: Changbaishan. The Adirondacks (?) Anyway, if my math is correct, you could cover it in a little more than a trip a week. Better get packing…

What do you think of this year’s list? How many places have you already hit?

2 thoughts on “Hop a plane, it’s the New York Times’ 46 Places to Go in 2013

  1. Ha, thanks for the tip, I totally missed that list! Croatia (and maybe Montenegro, actually) are certainly on my (ever-changing) list for this year, and I’ve been really looking into Burma recently. As a DC resident, though, I can’t quite figure out what makes DC so appealing and why everyone keeps talking about how it’s the new “it” destination… It’s really quite eh 😐

  2. Isn’t the Montenegro photo incredible?? And this Bostonian here feels the same way about my burg. It’s hard for a local to see the appeal to outsiders. East coast tourism conspiracy…?

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