fellow travelers: 28cents.

fellow travelers is our chance to shine a spotlight on greatness from the internet’s travel community. It is not our list of poputchiks. Just some wanderers who we consider outstanding.

Honest you do. image via

28cents is a compendium of your humble means of analog communication, the postcard. When Ms. Lis (who does a bit of wandering herself) began this tumblr project in March of 2011, you could send a postcard in the US for a quarter and a few pennies. Postcard designs range from simple promos of local businesses and tourist traps to the more personal and handmade varieties — and they all seem to carry the same message to their recipient: I’m thinking of you, now, in this place. It’s interesting to see one person’s collection of these markers of space and time.

She received this Balinese one from Homer, AK. image via

You can see the Sutro peeking out from behind the cantilever at DeYoung in SF. image via

2 thoughts on “fellow travelers: 28cents.

  1. I still love sending mails, I still love receving such a stuff. I really think that’s something what’s on everybody’s own self. These mails get more from the personility of the senders.
    The e-mails have that unpersonal style, so common after all.
    So interesting your post.

    • It’s true! Who doesn’t like to get something in the mail? And postcards are a little tactile thing that take the reverse journey that you do: the farther from home you get, you send a lil postcard-breadcrumb back… Thank you for reading!

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