LocalYokel: Boston, MA

LocalYokel brings you the goods from someone who should know, since you’re in their backyard. This one’s from your EIC, resident of 10 years.


dirty water, pahk ya cah, etc etc. image via

EATsomething swank: Sportello (348 Congress St.) is a space age lunch counter.
something secret: Casa Romero (30 Glouceser St) is true Mexican hidden in an alley (totally more romantic than it sounds).
something on-the-go: Clover food trucks (locations vary) can fill you up for $5.

SLEEPsomewhere glam: Ames (1 Court St) is a slick downtown hotel in a historical highrise.
somewhere comfy: Clarendon Square (198 W. Brookline St) is a B&B in a South End brownstone.
somewhere barebones: AirBnB (locations vary) can find you a local bed for around $60.

GOget some culture: Institute of Contemporary Art (100 Northern Ave), modern architecture + art in one stop.
get lost in DIY land: SOWA Open Market (485 Harrison Ave, seasonal) gives you food, goods and antiques.
get your histoire on: Boston Public Library (700 Boylston St) runs free daily tours.

Are YOU more local than this yokel? Tell us what we missed!

3 thoughts on “LocalYokel: Boston, MA

  1. Clover! I love the Clover food trucks more than I love some members of my extended family. This is making me homesick for the waterfront, all the way here in Bogotá. But thanks for reminding this Boston girl about all the wonderful things waiting for me back at home!

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